We are used to face to face interviews such that when we are invited for an online interview we tense. We do lot of research, to make sure that we are thorough in it but we still feel that we are not ready for the interview and we end up giving up on it. Most of the online interviews have a time limit of say one hour, so within that time you are supposed to have answered and submitted all the answers to the questions asked. You no longer have to be anxious as below there are tips to help you get it right the first time. 

Most employers will ask you general knowledge questions, aptitude tests and data interpretation questions. The first thing is to make sure you know what the employer is looking for by going through the job description step by step to ensure you get it right as most questions will be based on it. Prepare for general knowledge tests that are based on behavioral questions and personality characteristics, these are able to tell your interviewer how good you can solve problems, whether you can work in a team or you prefer to work individually, thus you need to be able to convince your interviewer and bring out the best in you. 

Get enough rest so that once you begin the online assessment you are able to think properly and fast. Most of the questions asked are a repetition, however, questions are asked as per the job description, so know which field your job lies, whether it is marketing, economics or human resources, go online and search for your aptitude tests (numerical-multiple choice questions and abstract-non verbal tests that uses shapes as test questions) for your job and familiarize yourself with the likely questions. Watch to know more about interviews. 


Online interviews are normally timed, so it is important as you do your practice online, test and time yourself too. Most of the websites that guide applicants to prepare for an online interview have that option. Use all the tools that are allowed such as a calculator. For the verbal aptitude test, you need to have your vocabularies in place, answer questions faster to improve your score. Be consistent in the way you answer question as not to trigger any lies especially in data interpretation questions test. Just be yourself and highlight your strengths and base your answers on them. So next time when you have an online assessment for your dream job, you definitely will get it.